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Promote self-discipline, academic performance and overall fitness!

Children enjoy practicing Yoga. Keep the children fit and happyChildren benefit enormously from yoga. It enhances their strength, flexibility, co-ordination and body awareness. Through yoga, children’s concentration, relaxation and sense of peacefulness and calmness improve. Yoga is in itself a physical activity and children learn to exercise and play simultaneously.

Within the confines of a yoga class, children can play and move using both their creativity and imagination.
 Yoga for children aids their nervous, respiratory and digestive systems. It helps to keep them calm and focused.

Yoga in schools promotes the development of new friendships and team work. As yoga is non-competitive the children can never be wrong in a class and they can always feel completely safe to try new things and not get hurt.


Yoga for children in school, enquires for spring 2018:

Ages 5-7 yrs 

Classes are fun and engaging and explore yoga poses, breathing exercises, visual imagery and relaxation exercises. Classes are non-competitive and offer a safe environment whereby children can develop strength, flexibility, concentration and confidence. Each class also conveys lessons in self-expression, social skills, positive thinking and respect for oneself and others.

Ages 8–11 yrs

Classes encourage a deeper sense of body awareness, self-exploration and interpersonal skills. Classes are alive with flowing sequences, balancing poses, breathing exercises, and creative relaxation techniques.  Partner poses and yoga games integrate interpersonal and social skills.

Ages 12-15 yrs 

Children lengthen and strengthen their bodies with flowing sequences, balancing poses, breathing exercises, and simple relaxation techniques.  Partner work and fun yoga activities lead to positive interaction and communication.


Choose Yoga for your An Gaisce Awards Challenge!

Choose yoga classes for your Transition yearTransition Year Students

Are you participating in the An Gaisce Awards in 2018 ? If so why not consider yoga as the physical activity of choice for your school?

Some of the benefits of Yoga  are included in the list below. It is a personal challenge and a journey of self-exploration, dealing with both strengths and weaknesses of the human body.

The effects are positive as yoga benefits the nervous , respiratory and digestive systems. It promotes well-being and calmness of body, mind and spirit.


The benefits of yoga for children in schools:

– Improves balance , co-ordination and listening skills

– Teaches skills to deal with overwhelming emotions and stress

– Improves concentration and focus

– Increases energy levels

– Aids the nervous, respiratory and digestive systems

– Encourages the use of creativity and imagination

– Focuses on breath awareness and relaxation

– Yoga is a  physical activity: it promotes strength and flexibility

– Encourages self-expression

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