Learn from the best to excel at teaching yoga and mindfulness to children with ADHD and Autism. Kids yoga teacher training.

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This course will offer you the tools to become an even better healthcare practitioner or educator. It will give you the ability to work with yoga and mindfulness for children with ADHD & Autism.



  • Using and implementing Yoga to support self-regulation, body awareness, motor planning and coordination
  • How a basic Yoga practice influences and enhances bodily functions, brain chemistry and behaviour
  • How to balance the child’s nervous systems Using Yoga as a daily ‘sensory diet
  • Understanding how and why Yoga works for these population
  • Analysis of basic Yoga postures: physiological and therapeutic benefits, and the components of a balanced programme

Student Pre-Requisites:

The course is suited to parents, Yoga teachers, school teachers
and paediatric professionals.
Prior Yoga experience is not mandatory.
Open to School Teachers, Early Years Educators,
Physiotherapists, Occupational Therapists, Health
Care Professionals, others working in the field of paediatrics
and parents of children with special needs. Open to Yoga
Teachers with an interest in teaching Yoga to children with
special needs.

Course Specification

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Learn from the best to excel at helping children with ADHD and AUTISM be happier!

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