Classes will focus on preparation for labor and birth. Come along, take time out and unwind!

Excerising  during Pregnancy may help during labor

The benefits of pregnancy yoga:

Body & Mind – Promotes a healthy body and mind

Stretching – Increases flexibility which prepares women to adapt to various positions during labor

Circulation – Boosts circulation, helps with fluid retention and relieves aches and pains

Posture – alleviates backache, improves posture and opens up the chest area

Breathing – learn how to use the breath to help during relaxation and during labor

Information – Aids awareness of the natural processes that occur during pregnancy

Smile! –  meet other pregnant women, take time out for you and your developing baby


Frequently asked questions

At what stage in my pregnancy may I join the class ?Class is suitable from 14 weeks right up to delivery

What to bring to class ?
Please  bring a yoga mat, 2 pillows/cushion and a blanket.

Before Class ?
It is advisable to eat a light snack about 2/3 hours before class.

Booking a class ?
There are a limited number of places available per class so booking is essential.  To book your place or if you have any further questions please contact InnerSpace Health. Please check class schedule.