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      Belgrove Boys School-Clontarf**
 Tuesdays 7.45-8.45pm Iyengar Yoga – Complete Beginners: Introductory Course / Level 1 Clontarf 
  8.45-9.45pm  Yoga – General Class Level1/2 Clontarf*

*  Clontarf, Dublin 3



Class Description

Beginners / Level 1: A mixed level class for beginners as well as the seasoned practitioner, whereby the basics and fundamentals of yoga are introduced. The focus will be on learning proper alignment through key yoga poses and developing body and breath awareness. 

Level I-II:  These more challenging classes continue to build on the fundamental poses of yoga , thus requiring a bit more strength, flexibility, and balance. These classes assume some yoga knowledge and experience or for those who are active and/or fit and who practice sports etc. They continue to show modifications and use of props ensuring postures and sequences are practiced safely and effectively.

Iyengar Yoga: Iyengar Yoga is a form of Hatha Yoga that has emphasis on detail, precision and alignment while working on posture (asana) and breath control (pranayama). The development of strength, mobility and stability is gained through the asanas. 

Classes will focus on alignment, strength and stability. Creating a structural balance in the body helps prevent injuries.

Yoga poses (asanas) improve postural alignment and can help negative movement patterns and repetitive strain injuries. Asanas improve range of movement, co- ordination and strength. Yoga asanas , breath-work and relaxation also strengthen the nervous system

Classes use props such as blocks, belts and blankets and poses can be modified for individuals. Students will also be individually adjusted. Classes will focus on quality of movement

Women’s Yoga Class:  This class will focus on asana (postures), pranayama ( breath work) and restorative poses in order to increase energy, promote mental stability and harmony and work on posture and alignment. Suitable for women of all ages and stages of  life .( Six months post-natal required to attend class)

Yoga for Stiffer Bodies:  A gentle chair class for those working within limitations. Suitable for all ages from those in the post-natal period to 50 plus.  Class is done on a chair & mat.


Senior Yoga:

Yoga is adaptable to every level of ability and chair yoga is an ideal way to first experience yoga . Classes focus on gentle joint-releasing sequences (Pawanmuktanasana) and  poses (asanas) that gently build strength, increase circulation and oxygenation.

They also incorporate conscious breathing exercises (pranayama), calming meditation techniques and guided visualisations.  All the parts of the class weave together to form the foundations of a yoga practice


Children’s Yoga: 

Children’s Yoga Classes are fun and engaging and explore yoga poses, breathing exercises, visual imagery and relaxation exercises. Classes are non-competitive and offer a safe environment whereby children can develop strength, flexibility, concentration and confidence. Each class also conveys lessons in self-expression, social skills, positive thinking and respect for oneself and others.


Special Athletics & Yoga (Children & Teenagers )

This course is for children and teens on the autistic spectrum. It combines yoga with athletics in order to increase cardio-respiratory , muscular fitness and metabolic health. The benefits of yoga and athletics together offer a unique combination whereby they promote stronger bones , promote healthier body fat composition, reduce symptoms of anxiety and depression,  aid the nervous, respiratory and digestive systems and also improve balance , co-ordination and listening skills. Class will end with yoga in order to calm and cool the nervous system.


Refund Policy: All classes must be paid in full prior to course commencing

Cancellation: Payment must be cancelled up to 48 hours prior to course commencement.  There will be no refund thereinafter. Classes not taken may not be carried over to a new term.